Happy New Fear and other concerns

I deliberately waited until seeing my clients to post a January blog. 

January - should be renamed - expectation month! 

Did you write a list? Did you promise yourself something this year? Did you vow to make an unattainable version of yourself in a bid to be the best human possible this year? 

Tia didn't. But then she also was in bed before 10pm on New Years Eve and doesn't need to participate in Dry January because she only drinks water. Her body is a temple and all that.

January has for some become like Cinderella at midnight, the rules are changed. And I will freely admit, that could be just what some people need; a radical change to be kinder, warmer, more open to the world and themselves. But what if you missed the moment? What if you've only just thought that you could make a difference to yourself. Don't worry! Midnight happens everyday, tomorrow hasn't happened yet and even if you're reading this and it's the middle of March (where have you been!??) you are not too late! 

The key to making a difference is to be consistent. Tia is the most consistent person (ok dog) unlike the mountain of new gym goers in January who couldn't tell you where their membership card is in May. So don't make a change; you're probably a rather wonderful person, merely make an adjustment, an alteration, a small improvement but if you do be consistent.

Joseph Pilates urged the world to be consistent with their exercise, food and life style. Everything in moderation was his message. It's not new and it's not ground breaking (But then, like the advise that your Mother gave you when you were 14 and you thought she was as mad as a badger - only to find out when you were 23 that she was more than a little bit right - Bok) but sometimes you just need to hear it from a different place.

So if you can't hear this message from me or from a self made man who died last century but left the world with a method and philosophy that has spanned longer than your life, hear it from an ageing Rottweiler Rescue. 

Be Kind to Yourself

Be Consistent with Yourself

Don't Change, Just Adjust


Typed by Cassie - because T has Bambi legs and clearly can't type.