Let's get moving

My dog is the least flexible person I know. I'm aware of the inaccurate description of my dog as a person but if you've ever met her you'd be perfectly at home with the comparison. But I've gone off on a tangent - what I was meaning to say is that she doesn't really move. She doesn't enjoy moving nor does she entertain the idea much, she is damn good at lying on a mat though.

However, as humans we need to move. It's a necessity as much as anything else. From your beating heart and your expanding lungs, movement makes you. I've been lucky and have always been able to move freely and express myself through it. I'm very aware that this isn't the case for everyone and so in an attempt to share the freedom that comes with moving I find myself here. On a quest to help you move better and hopefully fall in love with moving.

There was a plan, a loose plan by my own admission but a plan none the less. So if you are reading this; thank you. This has been in the making for a year or more and I'm really pleased to welcome you all to Cassie Newton Pilates.

I hope you'll enjoy these occasional outbursts from me. They are if nothing else short and concise and maybe one day even a little insightful (though that is just an idea and I'll never actually know if I was the catalyst to some sort of epiphany for someone because hopefully they will just think to themselves "Wow, I get it" and move on with their own day).

But for now I just wanted to say Welcome. Thank you for stopping by. For wondering what this whole venture is about or at the very least thinking "that's a cute dog on a Pilates mat". (She's a rescue by the way from Battersea Old Windsor and currently lives a life fit for a queen. Owner of two beds and has her own personal Stanner Stair Lift aka Man Power to make sure she doesn't have to walk up or down them along with a most ridiculous collection of what we've accidentally termed "bedroom cookies" - that's dog treats that live upstairs to more normal people).

There goes that whole concise element I was aiming for.

The main theme I'm getting at here is I'm excited about this whole thing (less so the website building!); to me getting out there and helping people take charge of their strength and focus it into a beneficial way of moving because moving is great in case you haven't heard. Not everyone finds it as easy as you'd think but then I like to think that's because you just don't know how yet.