The Panic of Summer - An Oh So British Past Time.

It was sunny last weekend.

It has been light past 7pm.

Dear Mother of all that is Holy ... It's coming.

Sound familiar? 

We've all done it at some point. I've even done it in the past myself; I have been a panic preparer. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if like my 'past self' you are in a summer panic zone you're too late. Also; if you were planning on being a ridiculous version of yourself in 4 weeks time (see January post) you should have started last winter. I've seen too many adverts for the 12 week summer programme this past week in a bid to add more fuel to the impending doom that is British Summer! 

But let's put that to one side for a moment. Let's look at what we really remember about summer. No matter what shape I was in for all the summers I have been through I remember being outdoors, feeling like you've more time, thinking eating dinner in the garden is a treat and above all I remember smiles. The photographs I have and I treasure of summers are of people smiling, enjoying the outdoors and enjoying time together. 

It doesn't matter that your garden isn't 'ready', that you've yet to build the BBQ, that your summer wardrobe hasn't been updated in 3 years, or that you've yet to loose the allocated amount of weight that in your mind will make it all ok. 

Summer is indeed coming. Enjoy it when it arrives. By doing so you may find a better sense of balance in your life. Give more time to those you love. Remember no matter how much you enjoy/feel obligated to work, it probably doesn't beat sitting on a picnic blanket eating strawberries.

If you can find a work / life balance then you will be more inclined to choose things that will make your mind / body more balanced. A walk instead of a tv programme. A home cooked meal instead of take away. A conversation about yourself instead of someone else. Those are things that will create a healthier you.

Balance. A Pilates concept. A life goal.

Wow I feel like Yoda right now.