"QUICK COME AND LOOK! ... It moves!"

I'll always remember that first time Tia wagged her stump. Docked so short it was hardly visible and for the first two weeks after her rescue we hadn't seen it move. And then there it was, a stump wiggle. A sure fire sign that she was happy. It didn't matter how many times since that moment that her stump wiggled it gave me that exact same amount of pleasure to know that she was happy. To watch her Bambi feet do a little dance and to see the stump wiggle and her bum sway will always be a joyful memory.

Tia wasn't the luckiest of dogs. Born in Cyprus, abandoned in Quarantine on route to the UK, overlooked in Battersea for not having much of a personality, torn cruciate ligament in rear leg and permanently lame, cancer more than once, losing her dad (my first husband to cancer), living with a nervous wreck for a while after(!), developing severe arthritis and more but then luck comes and goes. And she took it all in her (slow) stride and she was a loyal companion always. She asked for very little; a car ride, a sofa cuddle and a sun spot were as typical as many of our four legged friends.

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Tia stayed with me through the three tours of Afganistan that my husband was on, she stood by me when he sadly passed away at the tender age of thirty; never leaving his side. She comforted me in the many dark days after his passing, lying by my bed or just in eye sight. She was a constant rock when I suffered from panic attacks and depression. She was an excellent Pilates partner, film companion, sun bather, good listener, dance judge, hot water pipe finder, tennis ball hoarder ... the list does indeed go on.

So with a heavy heart when the time came to make the decision to relieve her from the pain she was in I laid with her so she wasn't alone; just as she had laid with me so many times to comfort and reassure me. It was the least I could do for her as she was the finest example of 'man's best friend'. She was as fierce as she was loving and has left a large hole in my heart. And this is a small place to honour her and all her wonderful quirks for she was truly unique and although in the beginning I rescued her she in the end rescued me.

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Good Night T (aka Bots, Chunky, Puppy) 

Love Mumma